6 Simple Ideas For DIY Bathroom Remodeling

6. Bathroom Storage

6. Bathroom Storage

6 Simple Ideas For DIY Bathroom Remodeling

Many options are available today that make DIY bathroom remodeling simple and efficient. Thanks to the best shower heads and a variety of materials and tools available to the DIY enthusiast, there’s a lot that you can do to give a fresh vibe to your bathroom over a weekend. From changing fittings to renovating the fixtures, we discuss some exciting and simple projects that can be completed with minimal resources and in very little time. In addition, these projects give you the maximum opportunity to use your creativity and imagination. So start reading and get ready to be inspired.

Take small steps

Redoing your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming. Sometimes, you can make a big impact to your bathroom by making several minor changes instead of a big, bold, dramatic changeover. You don’t need to shell out a lot of money for these and they can not only improve the appearance but also the functionality of your bathroom. Getting new, best shower heads or faucet heads can impart freshness to your bathroom. You can get new plastic fittings as well as more expensive chrome and nickel ones. These fittings can be replaced easily on your own without having to call a plumber. If you don’t have your walls tiled all the way to the ceiling, you can apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls.

Change the lighting

Simply changing the lighting of your bathroom can dramatically alter the ambience. Instead of having a single central light source for the bathroom, consider investing in spot lighting. Recessed lighting is perfect for the multifunctional space and bath area because it creates a softness that can be very relaxing. On the other hand, you might still need bright lighting near the shaving mirror and in the cabinets. It’s also important to adjust the level of the lighting, especially near the shaving mirror to avoid shadowing. You could even experiment with colored lights and best shower heads to add a bit of drama and quirkiness to your bathroom. All it takes is a trip to the store and using a screwdriver to fit in the new lights.

Go green

While continuing with a change of bathroom fittings, you might consider investing in environmentally friendly products. The bathroom is a place where water is used extensively, so one must make every effort to minimize water wastage. There are a lot of products available that can reduce electricity costs in the bathroom, LED lighting, for example. You can also invest in shower systems that reduce water wastage. In fact, some of the best shower heads use pressure to minimize the volume of water used by a person.

Bring out the handyman in you

If you’re willing to take the risk for some more extensive and challenging DIY, then changing the cabinets can be a good place to start. It can help to make the bathroom more organized especially if your family has grown since the last time the bathroom was remodeled. Cabinets can create more storage space for personal care products, cleaning supplies, linen, etc. You can recycle old wood lying around the house or get new wood from the hardware store. You can either go for a traditional, clean look or more experimental staining and texturing on the cabinets for a more edgy feel.

Try refinishing for a fresh look

If your fixtures have acquired a jaded look over the years, it might be time to give them a fresh look. Refinishing is a good way to infuse some life into your bathroom. Refinishing involves re-glazing the ceramic surfaces of your bathroom fixtures, i.e. the basin, bathtub, toilet, and tiles. This might seem like a task for the professional, but you can do it as well. You need some basic supplies such as a degreaser, epoxy filler, sander, and spray painter. After removing stains with a degreaser, cover up any chips on the surface with epoxy filler. Don’t forget to clean the rust off the best shower heads. After sanding the entire surface, apply three coats of spray paint at 20 minute intervals. All in a day’s work.

Think moneywise

Keep an eye on the time and budget always. If you’re not a regular DIY person, an initial trip to the DIY store is highly recommended to get a basic idea of the best shower heads and other new products available and their prices. Discuss any discounts with the manager on bulk purchases. It’s easy to exceed the budget especially if you find yourself making multiple trips to the store. Therefore, make sure you plan well ahead of time and estimate accurately the materials and supplies you’ll be needing for the task.

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