12 DIY Projects for Fall Themed Wreaths

3 Picture frame wreath

3 Picture frame wreath

12 DIY Projects for Fall Themed Wreaths

With fall approaching, it is time to get creative and show off your skills by making wreaths to place around the home and on your front door. Don’t be left out, get busy with all the fabulous ideas we have listed for you.

Square copper wreath rod

Copper wreaths ae great and can be re-used, they are multipurpose and look great against a white door.

Mini dried fruit wreath

Collect dried fruit or seeds and wrap them around your wreath for a unique look.

Picture frame wreath

This picture frame has been turned into a sin using chalk board paint, the rest of this easy DIY project is surrounded by berry vines.

DIY easy fall wreath

This simple yet perfect DIY wreath needs just a lot of vines from a small berry pip. It looks great and adds a touch of colour.

Twisted vine floral wreath

You can make roses without sewing simply by gluing some fabric together then gluing those onto your wreath. It adds a touch of home-ness.

Lacey wreath with burlap

Use lace and burlap to make flowers and pretty patterns to add to your wreath, this look is wonderful and very soft and comforting for the eyes and spirit.

Floral grapevine wreath

This is more lively and reminds me of fire. Gather some flowers and coloured grass to add to your wreath. It symbolizes growth despite the changing seasons.

Rustic floral wreath

If you want something more chilled, and laid back. This rustic look is perfect for you, the nude colours and the dark wood go well with a rustic feel.

Happy fall sign wreath

This lovely DIY idea adds pips of colour in small hints. There is a maternal touch with the scarf which brings everything together. And the sign that welcomes the season and your guests.

Twine and twigs signed wreath

Gather twigs and twine and get busy with this fantastic DIY project. Once you have tied everything together, hang a sign in the center.

Natural floral wreath

This is a favourite amongst all the wreaths. It is simply youthful and timeless. Gather your favourite flowers soft in colour and wrap them around a simple wreath.

Cotton balled wreath

These cute cotton balls liven up the wreath and adds a touch of personality to it.

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