5 DIY Eco-Friendly Garden Recycling Projects

4. Recycle Old Silverware

4. Recycle Old Silverware

5 DIY Eco-Friendly Garden Recycling Projects

A backyard garden is the perfect place to let your creativity shine while also doing your part to care for the environment. Using recycled items to beautify your garden space adds a touch of charm that highlights your fun personality, and you can always feel good about finding a new purpose for old materials. As you start dreaming up new ideas to spruce up your outdoor haven, consider adding these five projects to your to-do list.

Fill Up Old Rain Boots With Flowers

Those old rain boots that your child outgrew last year do not have to end up in the trash. Grab a couple of pairs of rain boots and cut a few drain holes in the soles. Then, you can fill them up with potting soil and your favorite seasonal blooms. These are adorable lined up along your entry way, or you can use them to add a touch of color to your vegetable garden.

Create a Walking Path with Artificial Grass

Gardening is fun, but it can also be messy when wet soil finds its way into your shoes. Keep that lush green look in your garden while doing away with the mess by using recycled artificial grass to create walkways between the different sections of your garden. Since this grass never needs to be watered, you can focus completely on your plants without having to worry about lawn maintenance. It can also be placed quickly so that you can enjoy an instant upgrade to your garden space.

Turn Old Tractor Tires into a Raised Bed Garden

Old tires clutter up trash dumps since the rubber takes forever to biodegrade. Keeping them out of the landfill by giving them a second purpose allows you to quickly put together a raised bed garden while extending the purpose of the rubber materials. You can stack tires on top of each other to add interest, or paint the tires whimsical colors to brighten up your backyard space.

Recycle Old Silverware into Plant Markers

Those old spoons can quickly be given a new life by using decoupage to turn them into plant markers. Simply print a photograph of each type of plant that you are growing and use your decoupage media to affix it to the back of the spoon. Alternatively, you could use paint to label the spoons with the names of each plant. Either way, seeing your customized plant markers will make you smile every time you tend to your garden.

Use Vertical Space with Plastic Bottles

Plastic soda bottles quickly accumulate around the house, and you can use them to cover a fence with small plants. To turn your plastic bottles into planters, just cut a slit in the side and fill it up with potting soil. Then, you can use string to attach the bottles to each other by running it from the ends in a way that looks like a ladder. Once you have several bottles tied together, attach them to a fence or trellis to create an impressive vertical garden that demonstrates your love for preserving natural resources.

Turning one person’s trash into your new garden treasure is easy when you begin to look at the materials in your life with a fresh perspective. From creating a mess-free walking path to finding creative containers, sprucing up your garden space is always a pleasure when you focus on recycling commonly discarded objects.

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