20 Fun Ideas To Recycle Old Tires

20 Fun Ideas To Recycle Old Tires 4

20 Fun Ideas To Recycle Old Tires 4

20 Fun Ideas To Recycle Old Tires

In these trying times of global warming it is imperative that we recycle and reuse materials to save our planet. Here are ways you can recycle old tires instead of dumping them or burning them.

1.Bring the best out of your garden with these recycled tires for flowerpots. Have them painted in different colors for that spring look.

2.Still on your outdoor décor here is how you can make unique garden chairs. These too can have the tires painted in colors of your choice to match the cushions you are to use for the chairs.

3.This is perfect for the living room or even the bedroom. Once again stay in tune with the colors of your décor and paint the tire in the color that matches your room.

4.This is a skillful way of having outdoor chairs too. You mates will enjoy sitting on this chair while they have a beer over good weather.

5.How beautiful are this knit covered tire ottomans. These could also be a must have outdoors by the lobby where you can entertain friends for drinks and tea.

6.This here just goes to show how much you can do with just tires. This table is a must have in the garden and watch as your friends marvel at your creativity.

7.Still in your garden. Get planting in these tires and cut down on expensive flower pots.

9.This winter is about looking chic and warm with your furniture too. A tire will give you this amazing woolen tire ottoman where you can serve those hot beverages for the winter.

10.You do not have to only use wool for covering. Here is how you can broaden your materials when doing finishings of your side table.

11.How beautiful is this designed tire? You can have it painted in different colors and decorate with them in your garden or anywhere outdoors. This does not however mean that they are restricted to the outdoors.

12.This is an oldie but sure still a goodie. For your garden you can turn a tire inside out and pattern it however you like. Finish this off by painting it and voila you have yourself a gorgeous flower pot.

13.How amazing is this coffee table? Not only is this simple to make but it costs close to nothing.

14.Not only is this beautiful for your garden but your kids would absolutely love playing in the garden.

15.We know that art and home sculptures are expensive. This is how you can own beautiful art for not the crazy amount that galleries sell for.

16.This beautiful ottoman is exactly what you need to make to brighten up your home or outdoors.

17.Summer will never be the same again with these outdoor amazing chilling chairs for you and your guests. Perfect place to chill during the afternoon and have a cocktail or two or eight.

18.This vintage looking ottoman is perfect for the living. It gives a sophisticated feel to the house. Perfect way to achieve a vintage look on a budget.

19.This hanging flower pot is perfect for the garden in spring and brings so much life to the garden during the summer time.

20.We know that storage can be a nightmare. Here is how you can curb the problem for close to nothing by making a storage basket from a tire.

There you go, these are some fresh ideas for you to save money in the home and outside in the garden using old tires.

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